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The Orange county Section, Long Beach Section, Los Angeles Section, the Mercedes-Benz Learning & Performance Center West the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center and the west coast debut of the 2012 SLK. Nadine Schwartz coordinated everything and put together a FANTASTIC event.

2011 SL Day consisted of scores of rare Mercedes-Benz vehicles at Cars and Coffee. Mercedes-Benz was the featured marque and hundreds of owners and Mercedes enthusiasts were on hand. The pictures below don't begin to describe the event. One example was the 2012 SLK. It was a completely new vehicle that hadn't been shipped to any dealers. For those who hadn't been to the New York Auto Show and weren't employed by Mercedes-Benz, SL Day was probably their opportunity to see it. The 190 SL is over 50 years old. There were so many on hand that I lost count. That, and the ones on hand appeared 'as new'. The same applies for the 300SL Gullwing, pagodas, more modern SLs, 124s, pre-merger AMGs, SECs, SELs, and the list goes on. There was an as-new 6.3 SEL. The same was true of Sean's silver SE Coupe. Three 124 based 500E's were there. This was THE EVENT to see rare Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

After leaving Cars and Coffee, we were given a private tour of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. I liken tours of the Classic Center to attending a movie theatre. You may know where the theatre is, you may be familiar with the layout, but "the show" is always new.

There were a fixed number of slots for displaying cars. Despite having a pristine vehicle, when the slots were full,
people were directed to park to the left - in general parking.

Two the right was a sea of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

A perfect Pagoda.

Make that two.

New and old, but the old looks new.

Top center - a four-door CLS, to its left a two-door SE, and a cabriolet up front - something for everyone.

Here was the all-new 2012 SLK with the hood up and the top down.

From another angle, we see this is no simple refresh. The entire body has been redone.

The interior has been resculptured and the results are fantastic.

Simply fantastic.

A last glance before ogling other beauties.

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