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The weather was perfect for our rallye on Sunday, September 13, 2009. The participants met at the South Coast Winery and Resort where Dot and John Lindeman had set up the Orange County Section banner on the side of their classic ’67 250 SL. While we waited for everyone to gather, we enjoyed inspecting the different Mercedes-Benz. To prevent lining up and spending time in line, we drew start times from a hat. Cars left at five-minute intervals and enjoyed a beautiful drive of the Temecula area. There were instructions, clues and trivia questions to keep them on their toes. The rallye destination was a lovely small winery, The Longshadow Ranch and Winery, a sixth generation operation still using time-tested methods of winemaking. At their annual wine festival, they have grape stomping and buggy rides and have live music and food. Unfortunately, we missed that by a couple of weeks. We did have a very good box lunch and those who wished, did a wine tasting. We ate at the picnic grounds under shade trees and Dot and John awarded the prizes as everyone munched on roast beef, ham and cheese, and turkey sandwiches and delicious cookies. The first prize was awarded to Gregory Hargis and Troyce Monroe, who missed the fewest questions. Second prize went to Mark Elliott and Cathy Troncoso and third went to David Flores and Ellen Gerardis. No one got lost, (that’s always a plus) and they all had a good time seeing some of the sights of the area. In planning the rallye, we estimated about two hours of driving. We wanted to show some parts of the country that you wouldn’t ordinarily see, so back streets and back roads were important. We also wanted the cars to go through historic old town Temecula. Planning is very important when doing a rallye and that paid off with a very enjoyable event.

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