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The Mercedes-Benz Club, Orange County Section, is officially sanctioned by the Mercedes-Benz Club of America. With over 400 members, the Orange County Section is an active organization spanning beyond Orange County, California. The Orange County section has numerous events throughout the year and we hope to see you at a few. Our activities include road rallys, social gatherings, technical forums and much more! See our Events Section for information on upcoming activities

If you're not a member, take a look around and see what we have to offer. At the top and bottom of each page are navigation bars that can be used to visit the different areas of this site. If you like what you see, please consider joining the Orange County section. For additional information feel free to email us.

Although the Mercedes-Benz Club of America is a not-for-profit organization, and is not an affiliate of Mercedes-Benz USA or Daimler-Benz AG, the Club does enjoy the unique position of being sanctioned by MBUSA. Since MBCA's inception, a Mercedes-Benz representative has provided liaison in support of the club's functions, activities, and business affairs. In addition, Mercedes-Benz and Daimler-Benz have supplied generous quantities of historical and technical information and assistance. The club is very proud of this relationship and its permission to use the name and trademark of Mercedes-Benz.

President's Message - September/October 2016


Publishing a section newsletter is extremely important. Our members need to be informed of future section and MBCA activities, results from past events, the general status of the section etc. If a newsletter is not sent to all our members on at least a quarterly basis the sectionís rebates will be suspended.

Our current newsletter editor, Laura Dykstra, has been doing a great job of editing, composing and overseeing distribution of our newsletter. However, Laura will be moving to Las Vegas this fall and we will need to fill the vacancy.

The newsletter editor is responsible for collecting input from section members, updating the E-mail and new member welcome lists, composing the newsletter, sending out printed copies to several section members and E-mailing event reminders. The composing is done using desktop publishing software such as MS Publisher.

I will gladly help anyone who is willing to become our newsletter editor. Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer for this task.

The number of members who are willing to plan section events continues to decrease. In order to compensate for the smaller number of activities offered by this section we are promoting and partnering with other sections. Currently the OC section is promoting participation in the Oktoberfest sponsored by the Long Beach Section and a weekend trip to Laughlin and Lake Havasu sponsored by the Las Vegas Section

Instead of having banquet style dinner meetings, we are planning informal dinner meetings where participants order off the restaurant menu and pay their own bills. The September 11 gathering at The Olde Ship in Santa Ana will be such a meeting. The Olde Ship has a unique British Atmosphere and serves excellent dinners and British beer. Be sure to let Jocelyn know (see inside) if you plan to attend so we can let The Olde Ship know how many of us to expect. I hope to see many of you there,

Remember you can always find the last newsletter right here, on our web site. Just click near the top of the screen.

The Regional Director's Corner

Hello fellow Members,

As your new MBCA Regional Director for the South West Region I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bud Cloninger. I have served as a section board member, Publicity Director, Vice President and Section President for six years. I understand the challenges faced by sections and their board of directors in keeping up with the demands of the membership. We are all doing this without pay, and doing this out of the love of our automobiles. I understand this and want to help as your Regional Director. Per MBCA By-laws this is my job description:

Section 8. Regional Director: The members of each Region shall elect a Regional Director to represent them on the National Board. Each Regional Director shall be a member of the National Board. Regional Directors shall promote membership growth and the formation of new Sections within their Regions and shall promote and coordinate combined Regional Events whenever possible. The Regional Directors shall have the power to appoint Committees within their Regions to assist in the performance of their duties. The Regional Director and the Presidents of all the Sections within a Region shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Region. No Regional Director shall be a Section Officer but may be a Section Director.

What this means is that I am to help you in furthering the goals of our National organization, and to enhance the memberships enjoyment of the club. And in the words of Steve Ross, our outgoing Director and now Vice President, "If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right!" I am looking forward to meeting with all the Southwest region sections in the next year and helping you in any way I can. My door is always open so feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you,

- Bud Cloninger

Please welcome our Newest Members

Robert Douk, Milaad Forootan, Christopher Leyel, Jim Minarik, Bob Tindel, and Ralf Zacky

Southwest Star Magazine

If you've never seen a digital publication and this is all new, in 15 minutes you can be an expert. If you have seen The Southwest Star and this all looks different, well, it's because it is.

We've upgraded our software. As a result, the magazine loads faster, the mobile app is more robust, navigation is more intuitive, we accept iOS and Android gestures, and the navigation bar has been removed. In a nutshell, the magazines are much simpler. To open a magazine, click the OPEN icon on the lower right.

Once the magazine is open, it can be closed by clicking the CLOSE icon on the upper right. To turn the pages, click either the page forward icon on the right side of the screen or the page back icon on the left side of the screen. If you have a keyboard, you can also use the left and right arrows to change pages.

Once open, the magazine has a toolbar on the upper left. The top icon in the toolbar allows you to zoom in on a page. One click zooms in, the second click returns it to the normal size. The second icon is a page overview. It allows you to get a brief look at what you can find in the magazine. It's also a shortcut for quick navigation to a specific page. The third icon allows you to download the magazine as a PDF. The last icon is for social media. Hover over it and you will have four choices; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and email.

Lastly, where can you read The Southwest Star? Everywhere there is Internet access; on your PC, laptop, tablet, netbook, phone, hybrid, or even your navigation system. To receive an email notification when new issues are released drop us a note.

As a way of saying "Thank you", please consider using their services whenever possible.


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